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Adverb Phrases

In this lesson, we will look at another sophisticated grammatical structure that you need to have in your writing. This structure is sometimes called a prepositional phrase and sometimes called an adverb phrase. We’ll define the structure, identify the vocabulary for the structure and determine how to create the structure. Continue reading

Moving a Transition

In this lesson, we’ll look at transitions and how to move them to make the sentence more sophisticated. Continue reading

Reducing Two Sentences

In this lesson, we will look at a structure close to adverb clauses. We will look at reducing two sentences. We’ll identify the rules and apply them. Continue reading

Reducing Adverb Clauses

In this lesson, we are going to look at one of the sophisticated grammatical structures that you should have in the grammar of your writing; it is the reduction of adverb clauses. We’ll define the structure, identify the rules for reducing and understand how to create adverb clauses. Continue reading

Adverb Clauses

In this lesson, we’ll look at the basics of adverb clauses: their position, their use of commas, and some of their types. Continue reading


In this lesson, we will learn the types of fragments that there are and learn how to identify and edit our own fragments. Continue reading

Run-ons and Comma Splices

In this lesson, we will look at two of the biggest grammatical problems in written English: run-ons and comma splices. Continue reading

Parts of Speech

In this lesson we will look at some of the things that make up of a sentence. These are called parts of speech. We are going to list some of these parts of speech and give a brief definition in this lesson and go into more detail in other lessons. It is with these parts of sentences that originate most students’ individual problems because something went wrong when they learned these structures. Continue reading

Overview and Sentence Types

In this lesson, we are going to introduce briefly our two goals, identify the structures that are considered sophisticated and look at the first one of those structures: sentence structure. Continue reading

Design Thinking

Here is a powerpoint with some great examples of design thinking in action.  It is the first lesson on design thinking. Please click on this link:



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